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WordPress Setup and Installation for Beginners

WordPress is an Open Source CMS (Content Management System). Which is used to create Blog Website, Business website, E-Commerce website, Learning Management Platform, Real Estate Websites and many more? Here is the step by step process of WordPress Installation for Beginners.

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How to setup a Basic WordPress Website?

Here is the Step by step process Of WordPress installation for Beginners.

Step 1: Download the WordPress installation package from the WordPress website. Click to Download.

Step 2: Extract the downloaded files.

Step 3: Open Application -> XAMPP -> htdocs (From Mac) or C:/ -> XAMPP -> htdocs (From Windows)

Step 4: Create a project folder (ex: wordpress-demo)

Step 5: Copy all the files from the extracted folder from Step 2.

Step 6: Now open the browser and type URL like : http://localhost/YOUR-PROJECT-FOLDER-NAME (ex: http://localhost/wordpress-demo)

Step 7: WordPress Installation page will load.

Step 8: Before moving on to the next step we need to create an Empty DATABASE. go to Browser type http://localhost/phpmyadmin.

Click Database Tab

Enter the Database name and click Create

Now Empty Database has Created.

Step 9: Now you have fillup the Database name, Username, Password.

Database name: The name you had created in Step8
Username : root ( Default XAMPP username)
Password : XAMPP password

Step 10: If the entered information or correct you will see “Run Installation” button on the next step. Click it.

Step 11: You will get a Basic form to fill with admin username and password. Fill all the Details Carefully.

Step 12: On successful installation, you will get a login screen. Use the username and password given in step 11.

That’s It. You have installed WordPress successfully now.

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Above all you just learned basic WordPress Setup. You will learn Advanced WordPress in up coming posts.

We have plan to post article to create website for different industries like.

  1. Real Estate Website
  2. E-Commerce Websites
  3. Learning Management System
  4. Directory Listing
  5. Blogging Website
  6. Photography Website
  7. Financial Websites

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